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Bar code metal strap seal OS2016

Bolt Seal
metal rod, threaded or unthreaded, flexible or rigid, with a formed head, secured with a separate locking mechanism

Model: OS8002

Model: OS8067

Model: OS8067DC

Model: OS8089

Model: OS8601

Model: OS8603

Model: OS8609

Cable Seal
cable and a locking mechanism
EXAMPLE On a one-piece seal, the locking or seizing mechanism is permanently attached to one end of the cable. A two-piece cable seal has a separate locking mechanism which slips onto the cable or prefabricated cable end.

Model: OS6001,φ1.5mm

Model: OS6008,φ5.0mm

Model: OS6015,φ3.5mm

Model: OS6019,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6021,φ1.5,1.8mm

Model: OS6022,φ1.5,1.8,2.5mm

Model: OS6027,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6032,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6035,φ1.5mm

Model: OS6036X2,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6037,φ2.0mm

Model: OS6038,φ4.0mm

Model: OS6100,φ1.5mm

Model: OS6200,φ1.5mm

Model: OS6300,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6500,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6602,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6602BC,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6602QR,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6603,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6605,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6607,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6610,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6618,φ1.8mm

Model: OS6620,φ2.0mm

Model: OS6625,φ2.5mm

Model: OS6628,φ1.8mm

Plastic Seal,Indicative Seal
ability to reveal evidence after attempts have been made to tamper with the seal.
seal that is constructed and manufactured of material that can easily be broken by hand or by using a simple snipping tool or shear

Model: OS7011

Model: OS7029

Model: OS7035

Model: OS7061

Model: OS7088

Model: OS7236

Model: OS7255

Model: OS7350
Padlock seal
locking body with a bail attached
EXAMPLE Padlock seals include: wire shackle padlock (metal or plastic body), plastic padlock, and keyless padlock seals.
Note 1 to entry: The padlock itself is not an integral part of the freight container.

Model: OS5008

Model: OS5018

Model: OS5019

Twist seal,Meter seal,Water seal
steel rod or heavy-gauge wire of various diameters, which is inserted through the locking fixture and twisted around itself by use of a special tool

Model: OS7003

Model: OS7008

Model: OS7009

Model: OS7015

Model: OS7801

Model: OS7818

Model: OS7822
Barrier seal
designed to provide a significant barrier to container entry
Note 1 to entry: A barrier seal can enclose a portion of the inner locking rods on a container.
Note 2 to entry: Barrier seals can be designed to be reusable.

Model: OS5501

Model: OS5502

Model: OS5503

Model: OS5505
Clip seal,Scored seal
metal strip which is scored perpendicular to the length of the strip
Note 1 to entry: The strip is passed through the locking fixture and bent at the score mark.
Removal of the seal requires bending at the score mark, which results in breakage of the seal.

Model: OS2022

Model: OS2023
Metal strap seal
metal or plastic strap secured in a loop by inserting one end into or through a protected (covered) locking mechanism on the other end
Note 1 to entry: The seizing device can be plastic or metal and its deformation is one indication of tampering.

Model: OS2016

Model: OS2018
Metal wire
Meter wire for meter seal,water seal,oil seal

Meter Wire

Meter wire

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